The Best Games for Screen Time Alternatives

Now that the kids are properly back into the swing of going to school, doing homework and having just a general school routine to maintain, they are definitely spending much less time on screens. As the evenings get that bit colder and darker, and of course with midterm and Christmas fast approaching, you might be wondering about what you can do to offer them screen time alternatives and also having fun. Here at The Learning Lab, we have a fabulous range of games that are equally as fun as they are educational; the perfect combination for luring kids away from tablets, tellys and technology in general. These are some of the top games that we recommend as screen time alternatives;

Archichato Building Game by Djeco

If you are looking for an educational toy that is genuinely fun and competitive, then look no further. Archichato is the building game where players have to recreate pyramids, with similarities designed to catch you out. With rounds that are quick and high-intensity, this will become a staple in your next family game night!

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Beat the Clock – Battle Mode

Beat the Clock is a game packed full of fun and action. Two players face off to complete one of the 33 different activities in a race against time and each other! Equipped with a stopwatch and a battle pad, each player must complete a task that could be anything from a tricky brain teaser to a game of battle bingo.

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Chicken Shuffle Smart Games

Can you make sure all of the eggs are covered in time? Use the chickens to cover the eggs but it’s not that simple! Shuffle the chickens to get the perfect combination and all of the eggs covered. This game is single player and designed to encourage critical thinking.

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Discover the World Game

A game for all the family, Discover the World will be the most competitive part of your family game night! Travel the world to get to your chosen destination but make sure you collect as many destination cards along the way to be crowned the ultimate champ. Learn about the countries of the world while having lots of fun! 

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Rory’s Story Cubes Classic

With this game, anyone can be a storyteller. Use the cubes to uncover the different pictures to inspire your story. Rory’s Story cubes is an ideal tool for developing language skills. They also stimulate creative writing in a fun way. With this game, everyone’s a winner!

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