World Book Day 2018

Thursday the 1st of March is World Book Day 2018.

Here at the Learning Lab we’re very excited to share this annual celebration off all things books and reading with our customers.

World Book Day tokens will be distributed in schools across the country and can be used to claim a free book from a selection specially chosen for World Book Day, or to get €1.50 off any full price book worth €3.99 or more, until the 25th of March.

Celebrate stories. Love reading.




Christmas Opening Hours for Celbridge

Below are the opening hours for our Celbridge store during the busy festive period. We are closed between Christmas & the New Year as we digest our Christmas pudding 🙂 We are open this Sunday and the following Sunday which is Christmas Eve. Only 12 sleeps to go!!!

Thursday 14th December                             9:30-18:00

Friday 15th December                                  9:30-18:00

Saturday 16th December                             9:30-17:30

Sunday 17th December                                12:00-17:00

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd                        9:30-18:00

Saturday 23rd December                            9:30-17:30

Sunday 24th December                               10:00-15:00

Monday 25th-Monday 1st                          Closed

Tuesday 2nd January                                  9:30-18:00

Gringer The Whinger Visits Celbridge

Jane Landy, the author of Gringer the Whinger joined us in Celbridge on Saturday to talk to us about her fabulous new book.

Jane told us about the origin of Gringer and how he used to appear when her own kids were whinging.

She showed us early drawings from the illustrator Sheena Dempsey and told us how this idea came to fruition.

she provided brilliant information of how to go about getting a book published.

The children even had a chance to draw a dragon of their own.

We were delighted to see her there and the children were fascinated with what she had to say.

The book can be bought on our website by clicking here.



Test News 3

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