How to Make…Haunted Houses

As made in Mullingar with Elle, Saturday 19th October 2019

You will need:
Tissue-roll insert
A strip of white card to roll into a cone (see below)
Three small circles of coloured card
Gems/decorations etc.
Markers/colours and Paints
Glue, Scissors and Stapler

How to:
1. Cut the door shape on one end of the cardboard roll (approx. 3cm in length)
2. Paint the cardboard roll and leave it to dry
3. Meanwhile, take your strip of white card and roll it into a cone shape. Staple the edges on the card together, this forms the roof.
4. Paint and decorate the roof add windows made out of the small coloured circles
5. Stick on the roof with two looped pieces of Sellotape on the inside.
6. Stick on the windows and decorate the house however you want. Now your haunted house is ready for Halloween!