How to make…Fin-tastic Fish

As made in Mullingar with Elle and Lorraine, Saturday 15th Feb 2020

You Will Need:
Toilet roll insert
White card
Googly eyes
Gems/decorations etc.
Markers/colours or Paint
Stapler and Staples
Glue and Scissors

How to:
1. Grab your toilet roll insert, flatten one end on the insert and using a stapler staple the ends together.
2. On the open end of the insert cut two long triangle shapes on both the right and left side of the insert as shown below

3. Paint the body of the fish (Toilet roll insert) both on the inside and outside of the body and put aside to dry.
4. Using the triangles cut from the insert, paint both and glue to the side of the body (Acts as fins)
5. Draw and cut out on a white piece of card, the fish tail and top fin. As shown below:

6. Paint/colour both sides of the fins and using glue attach to the body of the fish!
7. Add final touches like Googly eyes/Scales/Glitter, and your fin-tastic fish is finished!