The Benefits of Hand Puppets

Toys play a significant role in your child’s learning and development. The toys that you choose for your child are so important, especially at an early age. They are simply more than just toys, they are a means through which your child improves their creativity, motor, thinking and learning skills. Here at The Learning Lab, we keep this in mind when we are choosing toys to add to our collection. We choose toys that promote learning and development, all while your child has fun. We have so many toys here at The Learning Lab which are great for incorporating some education into playtime but one of our most popular educational toys are hand puppets! Here are just some of the reasons you should incorporate hand puppets into playtime;

1. They are a great learning tool

Using hand puppets to teach some of the trickier topics is a great way of introducing a new style of learning that might resonate with the children more than the traditional text based learning.

2. Encourages the development of listening skills

When telling a bedtime story or reading aloud to the class, the use of hand puppets is a great way to get kids listening. They become more engaged because the story is told by a character as opposed to simply reading the story.

3. Improves creativity skills

Another great benefit of hand puppets is the improvement of creativity skills. Using puppets allows children to bring their imagination to life and get creative with their playtime.

We stock a fabulous range of hand puppets here at The Learning Lab. Here are some of our favourite hand puppets;

Matilda Hand Puppet Set

This fantastic hand puppet is instantly recognisable as one of Roald Dahl’s most beloved characters, and comes with finger puppets of the key characters from the story. All the finger puppets have been specially designed to mirror the infamous Quentin Blake illustrations of these brilliant characters.

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Monkey Hand Puppet

Bring some wildlife fun into playtime with this monkey hand puppet. Stories can be made up, told and retold with this soft-to-the-touch Monkey hand puppet, keeping lively minds enthralled for hours. Not only is it a great toy for individual play, it is also designed to encourage role playing with others improving their confidence and communication skills.  

Shop Monkey Hand Puppet here

Girl Hand Puppet

We even have hand puppets with simpler designs. These embroidered puppets with moving mouths make the ideal friends and with their soft, stuffed, bodies they are perfect for a cuddle; but, most of all, the puppets encourage children’s imaginations while ultimately improving their literacy skills.

Shop Girl Hand Puppet here

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