ReCycleMe: Your New Favourite Eco Friendly Toys

Thinking about incorporating some environmentally friendly habits into your daily life? It can be difficult to know how to make your child’s toy collection better for the environment. Everywhere you turn there are toys made from hard plastics, made from materials that cannot be broken down or take lifetimes to finally decompose. If you are looking for some eco-friendly toys for your child, well don’t look any further because we have got you covered. Here at The Learning Lab, we choose toys that are high in quality, education and fun. Our selection of toys are always selected with durability and the highest quality in mind. We especially love toys that are better for our planet. 

So, without further adieu, introducing ReCycleMe. The fantastic range of ReCycleMe products are the ultimate toy for environmental education, helping you turn your garbage into art. These products are all about reducing your overall waste, reusing whatever you can and recycling the rest. By introducing children to the concept of creating art with waste, they are encouraged to equally use their imagination to create something unique and partake in environmental education. Here are some of our absolute favourite ReCycleMe sets;

ReCycleMe Medium : Robot World

This set is great for creating some super cool robotic rebels. This Robot World box set includes instructions for creating 6 different robots from toilet rolls, tin cans and milk cartons.

Shop ReCycleMe Medium: Robot World here.  

Playworld : Patisserie

Create your very own bakery with this Playworld : Patisserie set. Instead of simply creating some art pieces, these Playworld sets allow you to create a toy that guarantees hours of fun! The Patisserie box includes instructions for creating everything from empty egg boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, juice cartons and kitchen and toilet roll tubes along with all the accessories inside the box.

Shop Playworld : Patisserie here

ReCycleMe Large : Science

Bringing together both environmental education and science education, this set turns your garbage into a science kit! The Science box includes instructions for creating 6 different working models from plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, CDs and milk cartons, including a rocket, a windmill, a water mill, a boat, a car and a hovercraft.

Shop ReCycleMe Large : Science here.

Playworld XL : Dinosaur

Making playtime a little bit bigger and a lot more Jurassic, this set turns household waste into a dino dynasty. The Dinosaur box includes instructions for creating everything from dinosaurs to scenery from empty egg boxes, juice cartons and kitchen and toilet roll tubes along with all the accessories inside the box.

Shop Playworld XL : Dinosaur here

ReCycleMe Medium : Fairytale

Enter the magical realm of elves, fairies and unicorns with this set from ReCycleMe. This Fairytale box includes instructions for creating a castle, a mermaid, a butterfly, an owl and a snake.

Shop ReCycleMe Medium : Fairytale here

Turning rubbish into art has never seemed so easy, or so fun! 

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