Suuuper Size Puzzle Farm Match Fun by Banana Panda


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Play together in many creative ways!

This 34-piece floor puzzle has everything toddlers love: a cheerful farm animal theme, jumbo and sturdy pieces and round pieces for mixing and matching.

You can start by assembling the smaller puzzle scenes with various farm animals and vegetables. Then combine them to form one jumbo picture and match the round pieces. You can mix up the round pieces for extra fun and place animals or vegetables in unusual places! You can also name the animals and plants featured in the illustration or play riddles: guess which animal can fly, what grows in the ground and what object makes a vroom vroom sound.

  • Arranging and assembling large puzzle pieces:

helps develop manual dexterity

supports vision and spatial imagination

trains logical thinking and creativity

  • Jumbo puzzle pieces made of high-quality, thick cardboard are perfect for little hands

The large, keepsake box with a practical handle makes it a great gift