Shakespeare Focus: King Lear


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Gill Shakespeare Focus: King Lear is a new and beautifully illustrated version of the play which expertly assists students in understanding Shakespeare’s great work and thoroughly prepares them for the Leaving Certificate examination.

Focused scene-by-scene analysis:

◆ Introductory Overview

◆ Summary and in-depth Critical Analysis

◆ Key Quotes plus commentary

◆ Exam-style questions and Sample Paragraphs with Examiner’s Comments.*



Essential study notes:

◆ Characters and relationships – analytical study

◆ Central Themes and Issues

◆ Dramatic Techniques – including imagery, letters, plot and sub-plot, irony and soliloquies

◆ Succinct treatment of King Lear as a Comparative Text – modes defined, key moments explored

◆ Exam Focus – purposeful use of key scenes, paragraphing succinctly, quoting effectively

◆ Full Sample Essays – marked and graded with invaluable Examiner’s Comments*

◆ Sample answer plans and paragraphs enable students to scaffold successful answers

◆ Sample Leaving Certificate exam questions relevant to the latest changes in the exam.


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