Scoot Around Scooter by Hape


Four-wheel drive takes on new meaning with this foot-powered rider. Floor to seat height: 228mm or 8.98 inches

Age 1+

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Hape’s Scoot-Around is a four-wheeled scooter perfectly-sized for your little one’s speedy escapades.

The bright green colours add a splash of character to this scooter while also highlighting the rubberised wheels which won’t mark up floors when your youngster goes for a spin.

Best of all, Hape’s Scoot Around is a sure way to get kids moving around, having fun, and building strength! The Scoot-Around is built according to the high-quality specifications of Hape Toys and child-safe finishes adding to the overall durability of this zippy ride.

Age 1+

Product size L: 52, W: 32.6, H: 38.3 cm

Floor to Seat Height: 8.98 inches (228mm)