Primo Ludo Colours Game by Djeco


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Eduludo Primo Ludo – Colors Game by Djeco

A fun and simple game to learn colours. To win the monkeys, children must find their mother. It’s very simple: each mother wears the colour of her 3 baby monkeys.
2 game modes: one “learning” mode to discover the colours alone or with the help of an adult, and a second “speed game” for 2 players.

We love this product because;
A very first game to become familiar with colours: knowing how to name them and how to spot them.
Cards made from a plastic material for better durability.
The shaped cards and adorable drawings get the child involved in the game.
There are 2 game modes to progress at the child’s own pace.
The detailed instructions help parents to set up the activity more easily. In 10 languages.
Each Eduludo set is highly educational and corresponds to a specific learning process in order to help the child develop.

Contents: 2 sets of 3 multicoloured mummy monkey and 9 coloured baby monkeys cubs in laminated cardboard. Game rules in 10 languages.
Designed by Sigrid Martinez

Age 2.5+