Primo Cubetto Educational Coding Robot Directional Blocks


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Input code using blocks on a board – a simple process that develops complex skills. Use the Cubetto Logic Blocks from Primo Toys with your Cubetto coding robot (not included) to push and expand the computational thinking of your pupils.

The pack of Logic Blocks includes 4 directional blocks and 4 function to add to your collection or replace any that have been inevitably lost. But perhaps more importantly, other blocks included in this pack are 4 negation and 4 random blocks. These additional blocks help to hone your pupils’ logical and problem-solving skills by forcing them to think on their feet. The negation (opposite) block will make Cubetto perform the opposite action of the block that follows. The random block is self-explanatory and can cause serious scratching of the head!

  • Replace lost or broken directional or function Cubetto blocks with the spares provided in this pack.
  • Develop complex problem-solving skills in children with negation (opposite) and random blocks.
  • Teach coding using a concrete process and a coding language that children can touch and manipulate.