Pop & Colourful Paper Beads Do It Yourself Kit by Djeco


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Paper Bracelets To Make – a great way to recycle!

Make your own handmade beads and create unique jewellery that nobody else can have! This is a lovely activity – children will be cutting the patterned sheets into strips, rolling them and sticking them down to form beads. Once created, these can be threaded onto the elastic cord to create bracelets, necklaces and whatever else they can think of.

Once they have this technique, they can use papers from anywhere and will be looking out for interesting designs to reuse. The set makes over 400 beads, so a great one to do with friends, and also includes 6 elastic cords, 6 star-shaped pendants, 6 pompoms, 1 glue stick and a colour step-by-step instructions booklet.

Age 7-12