NEW Busy At Maths 2nd Class

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New Busy at Maths is an exciting and engaging new maths programme aimed at encouraging children to explore maths in a hands-on and stimulating way. It has been designed to align with and successfully deliver the new Primary Mathematics Curriculum (2023). All tasks and activities are linked to the strands, learning outcomes, mathematical concepts and elements of the new Mathematics Curriculum.

The programme comprises a Core textbook, a Home–School Links book, an Individual Pupil Profile Assessment booklet and a state-of-the-art digital programme that includes an interactive e-book.

Key features of the programme: 

  • Core books that are colourful and vibrant; they are designed to encourage children to engage freely with maths and make it a fun and rewarding experience.
  • Home–School Links book to reinforce leaning of the new maths concepts.
  • Detailed stations for each lesson that emphasize mathematical modelling and encourage playfulness. There is a huge emphasis on hands-on learning and use of manipulatives.
  • Extensive bank of photocopiable support sheets to supplement these stations.
  • Comprehensive teacher’s notes that include yearlymonthlyfortnightly and weekly plans to guide the teacher through preparation and delivery of the new Primary Mathematics Curriculum.
  • An abundance of opportunities to expressshare and justify mathematical ideas with Maths Chat, Maths Action and Maths Eyes activities as per the new Primary Mathematics Curriculum.
  • Modern and extensive use of digital activities, demonstrations and interactive games to engage and involve the pupils in their learning.
  • As part of the digital resources, there is an interactive e-book, where all the games, activities and slideshows are embedded into the e-book for easy access.

Class:  Second Class