Marathon X Board Game


The goal is simple; Get to the finish before everyone else. Avoid losing any challenges, otherwise you will receive the red penalty dice and you will be pushed backwards.

It is a game for both adults & kids to enjoy together. Age does not matter as it is all about listening, reacting and out smarting the rest of the opponents. Two things guaranteed is that everybody will be laughing and everybody will have a great time.

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An Irish made board game from Rawmation.

Aim of the Game: The aim of Marathon X  is to win the race by getting to the finishing line first. Finish in the highest position & do not finish last.

Simple Play: Every player will get an equal go of the green dice to move forward. However, there are challenges on the road that will have every player competing to win extra goes of the green dice & avoid getting the red dice due to losing a challenge. The green dice moves players forward and the red dice moves players back.

​Challenges: Great variety of simple & fun challenges that have all players involved in the game at all times. Even when it is not your go of the dice – it is still your go. Som eof the challenges include:

Reaction Challenge: If a player lands on either the headphone or the water bottle icons then all players must react by touching either the ear (headphone) or the mouth (water bottle). The player that reacts last will receive the red dice.

​Card Challenges: Landing on either a camera (general knowledge topics – i.e. name ball sports, fruits) or stopwatch (peoples names or things with certain letters) will mean that players must keep giving answers to the topic without repeating, running out of time or answering incorrectly.

​Memory Challenge: Players will create a list. The first player will say one word. The next player must repeat the word & add a word to the list. The next player will repeat all the words & add another word. It continues until a player forgets a word or messes up the order. Receiving the red dice.

​Head to Head Battle: This challenge will consist of two players battling in a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ for the furthest position between the two.