Magnetic Puzzle Game – Down the Rabbit Hole


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Smart Games – Magnetic Puzzle Game – Down the Rabbit Hole

How to play:
1. Select a challenge from a category – Starter, Junior, Expert or Master – and place the animal pieces on the board as shown.
2. Use your logic, planning and problem solving skills to place the “ground” puzzle pieces on the game board, so that each kind of animal has its own burrow and exit. (don’t close the fox in with the rabbits!)
3. There is only one solution to each challenge.

Age: 5+
# of Challenges: 48
# of Players: 1
Included in package:
Compact game board, 3 magnetic “ground” puzzle pieces, 6 magnetic puzzle pieces with animals (4 rabbits, 1 fox, 1 badger), 48 challenges and solutions.

Playing Down the Rabbit Hole stimulates the following cognitive skills: