Landscapes Core Units & Human Elective


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Landscape: Human – Leaving Certificate

Landscapes: Core Units and Human Elective guides students to top marks with relevant exam-focused content. This book comprises:

Core Unit 1: Patterns and Processes in the Physical Environment
Core Unit 2: Regional Geography
Core Unit 3: Geographical Investigation and Skills
Elective Unit 5: Patterns and Processes in the Human Environment

Core and Human Elective in one book, allowing for relevant cross-referencing
A detailed Examination Guide gives guidance on answering questions, sample answers, and SRP hints and tips
Written using the language of the examination
Learning Intentions unpack the learning into manageable, focused lessons for students
Exam Links provide relevant questions beside the text, putting the learning in context
Check Your Learning boxes provide opportunities for assessment for learning throughout the chapters
Skills Activities focus on bringing theory and skill together in preparation for examination questions
Chapter Links show students where other areas of the course may be relevant to the learning
Exam Tips let students know the important ways to get top marks when answering questions
Examination Questions at the end of every chapter include Ordinary and Higher Level Part One and Part Two questions with up-to-date marking schemes

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Comprehensive PowerPoints for every chapter are available for teachers on, our digital resources website, and include:

Content to enhance teaching and learning
Answers to every question (exam questions with sample answers, plus suggested marking schemes)
Revision test material with marking schemes
Relevant weblinks