Lalaboom My First Toys To Assemble & Beads


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A world of discoveries!

  • A great starter pack or add on, of fun maipulative toys that offer a wonderful sensory experience as well.
  • Connect, twist, pop, stack, mix, explore.
  • Suitable for ages 10months+

Lalaboom is more than a collection of snap-together beads, it’s a beautifully innovative developmental experience. Senses are engaged as little ones explore the unique textures, vibrant colours, and smooth twisting movements. Its Montessori approach stimulates the learning curve curiosity logic – motor skills, while playing 5 activities 1) POP, 2) TWIST, 3) MIX, 4) STACK & 5) LACE! As children grow, they’ll discover endless connecting and stacking possibilities, strengthening creativity, pattern recognition, fine motor, and problem-solving skills. This patent pending and award-winning brand offers educational benefits for children aged 10 36 months. All items are dishwasher safe, PVC free, BPA free, and Phthalate free! Lalaboom is now accredited as a STEM education product by, the most prominent agency related to US State program.