Koontz – The Boomerang Wheel


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Roll it forward and it rolls right back! Discover the science behind potential energy.

Fifteen pieces of strong cardboard, a rubber band, a metal weight, and a small plastic cinch all build into a most fascinating example of energy conversion.

Follow along with the included building guide to piece it all together. Then push it forward and you’ll see how it creates reverse potential energy as it turns and then converts it into motion to bring it back to you!

Simple cardboard and scientific learning come together into something amazing with the Koontz Boomerang Wheel.

Koontz Boomerang Wheel
Cardboard building kit makes a wheel that rolls back when pushed forward
Encourages fine motor skills, logic, and scientific learning
Invites curiosity, persistence, engineering experience
Discover the science behind potential energy and wheels
Made entirely of recycled cardboard
Includes all cardboard pieces to build wheel, metal weight, rubber band, cinch
Detailed step-by-step building/activity guide included
Cardboard is strong and durable
No tools required

Suitable for children aged 8+