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Go Genius – The Board Games is an award-winning range of eco-friendly, educational board games aimed at children aged 7 plus.

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Players race round the board answering multiple choice questions on title subjects like World, Maths and English while trying to avoid the spaces that tell them to miss a go, move backwards or do a forfeit!

Depending on the space the player lands on, they can answer a one point question, a slightly harder two point question or an even harder three point question. If they get the question right, they score one, two or three points depending on the question card level.

The aim of the game is to win the points required to earn a genius stamp (included in the game) which players can stick into their passport (also included in the game to personalise with a photo or drawing).

As few of us are in fact geniuses, players can refresh their grasp of subjects by downloading the Learning Aids below. And remember, play the game a few times as the more you play Go Genius, the more you learn.