Compass – Textbook & Skills Book – Junior Cycle Geography


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Compass is a comprehensive three-year package containing everything you need to teach Junior Cycle Geography in line with the specification.

Key features

• Non-linear, integrated, spiral approach used to cover the Learning Outcomes.

• Map reading and other geographical skills are integrated throughout.

• Language and level of information are appropriate for Junior Cycle.

• Clear and accurate diagrams are used.

• A take-off activity at the start of every chapter lets students depart on their learning journey.

• A short introduction gives students an overview of the chapter topic.

• Chapters are broken down into clearly defined lessons.

• Learning intentions outline the main learning in the lesson.

• A list of GeoLingo key terms gives students the main geography vocabulary that will be needed in the lesson. These terms are highlighted and clearly defined in the text.

• GeoActivities allow students to develop their geoliteracy and practise geographical skills.

• CBA link boxes give practical advice and ideas for CBAs linked with the chapter topic.

• Up-to-date and relevant case studies appear in appropriate lessons.

• Literacy boxes are used to highlight and define unfamiliar terms.

• Fast fact boxes provide interesting facts.

• Video links direct students to online videos to supplement their learning.

• Check-out questions at the end of each lesson test what students have learned.

• Self-assessment statements allow students to reflect on their learning.

• A landing activity at the end of every chapter allows students to demonstrate what they have learned as they arrive at their learning destination.

• Each chapter ends with an Exam Ready section. These sections contain annotated sample exam questions and answers that include parts related to different chapters to replicate how topics are layered in exam questions. Students also complete an exam-style question in their Skills Book.

Skills Book

The Compass Skills Book is a write-in book where students complete a range of activities to practice geographical and exam skills.