Max has just got himself a pet worm. A worm who likes to read books – a bookworm!

So far so good, but Max’s bookworm begins to grow spikes and breathe fire. Perhaps Max’s pet is more than he bargained for…

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Max really wants a pet. His parents aren’t so sure. Puppies chew, parrots screech and sharks have too many teeth.

How about a dragon? Max’s parents say that dragons don’t exist, so Max settles for a pet worm instead. Except this particular worm turns out to be very unusual when its back begins to turn spiky and it starts to breathe smoke … Dragons don’t exist…Do they?

A funny and light-hearted story from much-loved children’s author Debi Gliori, perfect for any child who has ever wanted a pet.

With an added cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for!