Arctic Animals 72 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Crocodile Creek for 5+


For the real animal lovers; Crocodile Creek puzzle North Pole animals with a nice print of different wild animals in the snow. It is a great gift for a boy or girl from the age of five.

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This arctic animals jigsaw puzzle by Crocodile Creek for 5 year olds consists of 72 pieces, is 35 x 38 cm and comes in a sturdy round box. Children from five years onwards will have a lot of fun with this puzzle.

About Crocodile Creek

Crocodile Creek was born in memories of childhood play. Crocodile Creek grew and thrived in working with people around the world. Working with designers, illustrators and photographers, store owners and factory owners, sales people, advisors, accountants and bankers, people working in offices, in warehouses and in factories, people driving trucks, piloting boats and flying airplanes…all the while with the support of family and friends, an amazing network of human beings…hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, working together to help make a dream a reality, to transform an idea into a business. All the wonderful people over all the years.
People—the building blocks of Crocodile Creek. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Our goal at Crocodile Creek is to create thoughtful, beautifully designed products for the children in our world, to care about all those with whom we work, to care about the world in which we live and to continuously plant seeds for tomorrow so we and our world can thrive and flourish in the days and years ahead..

We believe that this moment in time is a time to care even more about the children in our world. It is time to nurture them so they will know the joy of today and the promise of tomorrow. It is a time to inspire them so they might know the wonder of discovery, the delight of imagination and the thrill of creativity.

It is now time to guide and teach them so they will know the joy of connection and the satisfaction of learning and accomplishment. We work with highly skilled designers, illustrators and photographers to create the best toys possible.

A wonderful arctic animals jigsaw puzzle by Crocodile Creek

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