PolyM now at the Learning Lab!

We LOVE construction toys here at the Learning Lab, we think it’s fascinating to see children build and play while having fun and exploring the endless possibilities of their imaginations even from an early age. Suitable for inspiring creativity from 18 months, we’re pleased to introduce you to a new brand for us, PolyM.

For over 30 years, the unique, round-edged and flexible PolyM constructions system has been a hit among children and educators all over the world…in fact today it’s used in over 300,000 kindergartens around the globe!
These lovely colourful blocks are flexible, fit together easily even in small hands with no sharp corners and are made from physiologically safe and fully recyclable polyethylene, which is mostly used in the food industry, so they won’t cause any harm if they’re given the odd nibble (or full on chomp!)
They’re washable at 30 degrees too, just throw them in a pillowcase to keep them together and then into the washing machine every 6 months or so to keep them nice and clean.

They say PolyM grows with the child, so whether you’re starting small with just a few blocks or getting more creative with a bigger set you’re sure to have hours of construction fun (Adults included!)