Our Favourite Educational Toys

At The Learning Lab, we believe that toys are for more than simply adding some fun to playtime. We understand that toys can play a significant part in your child’s learning and development, especially in those important early years. Here at The Learning Lab, we believe that while educational toys should always be above all high in fun, they should also add something to your child’s learning and development. A good educational toy will help your child develop those vital skills that help them grow and develop. We keep this in mind when we choose which educational toys to add to our collection. We select products that promote development and learning while also remaining fun and enjoyable for your little one. 

Here are some of our favourite educational toys you can find at The Learning Lab;

Alphabet First Phonics & Colour Matching Cubebook

These Cubebooks are a great way to get your child learning those first few words and recognising the different letters. Each turn reveals a new letter of the alphabet, along with a word example and a picture. Each letter appears in both uppercase and lowercase form. With a tactile and fun design children of all ages will be intrigued and ready to learn!

Shop Alphabet First Phonics & Colour Matching Cubebook here

Magnetic Puzzle Game – Deducktion

SmartGames has a fabulous range of games perfect for not only having lots of fun but also learning whilst you play. We especially love Deducktion! There are three duck families but you must use your skills of deducktion to place each family together. This game is single player and is compact making it perfect for travel! 

Shop Deducktion here

My Monthly Magnetic Calendar

Keep life organized with this wooden magnetic perpetual calendar. Open the fabric hinged boards to reveal a calendar grid on one board, while the other board keeps all the magnets close at hand. A sturdy cord is attached for hanging. These dry-erase boards include 133 magnets including years, months, days, and most holidays and childhood activities and a bonus magnet to customize.

Shop My Monthly Magnetic Calendar here

Wooden Building Blocks – 100

Wooden Building Blocks are a staple in any childhood toy box but this set from Mellissa and Doug is an especially great option for your little one. Not only can your child create anything they could possibly imagine but the high quality and durability of this set means they will last through years of playtime! While your child plays, they are constantly improving their fine motor skills and dexterity, color and shape recognition, and pre-math skills.

Shop Wooden Building Blocks here

Those are just some of the amazing educational toys that we have at The Learning Lab

Why not explore further and find a toy that is so much more than just a toy! 

Check out our previous blog posts to learn more about our selection of products here at The Learning Lab! 

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