How to make…Silly Squirrels

As made with Grace in Mullingar, November 16th 2019

You Will Need:
Paper Cup
Two large and two small triangles (made using shapes on Microsoft Word)
Two ovals and two small rectangles (made using shapes on Microsoft Word)
Acorns (found on Google images)
Paper plate
Googley eyes and a Red Pom-pom
A strip of white card
Gems/decorations etc.
Markers/colours and Paints
Glue and Scissors and Stapler

How to:
1. Paint the paper cup whatever colour that you want your squirrel to be and let it dry
2. Paint the paper plate green for the grass, cut out some acorns and colour them in. Stick the acorns and some decorations like flowers, into the grass
3. Cut out the triangles, ovals and rectangles. Colour them and stick the small triangles on to the big triangles. These are the ears and with the cup upside down, should be stuck on the top
4. Colour the ovals and stick them on as feet by folding them in at the front of the cup
5. Stick the two rectangles on as teeth and the pom-pom as a nose and two googley eyes.
6. Paint the strip of card and roll up one end, stapling it into a curl for the tail. Stick the card to the back of the cup to make the tail
7. Place the squirrel on to the plate and your silly squirrel is ready to gather his acorns!