How to make…Rocketships

As made with Grace in Mullingar on Saturday 13th April

You will need:

Kitchen-roll insert
A foldable cone and flames shape (found on Google images)
Three ovals and a large semi circle (inserted shapes in Microsoft Word)
Gems/decorations etc.
Markers/colours and Paints

Glue, Scissors, Stapler and Hot-glue Gun


1. Cut two slits on opposite sides of one end of the cardboard roll (approx. 5cm in length)
2. Paint the cardboard and leave it to dry
3. Meanwhile, cut out the foldable cone and semi-circle and paint and decorate them however you want, leaving these to dry also
4. Cut out the flame and three ovals and colour the flames and draw little people (or aliens) in the ovals as these are the windows of your rocket
5. Slot the semi circle into the two slits that you cut into the cardboard – this makes two fins on either side of the rocket
6. Stick on the windows and decorate the rocket how you want and staple the flame to the inside of the bottom of the rocket
7. Fold the foldable cone and staple it closed, then using the hot-glue gun, attach it to the top of the rocket. Now you rocket is complete and ready for launch!