How to Make… Paper Plate Turtle

As made in Mullingar with Grace

You Will Need:
Paper Plate
Squares of various colours of tissue paper
Turtle Head, Feet and Tail printed onto Green Card (found on Google image)
Yellow A4 Page
Gems/ Decorations etc.
Googly Eyes
Glue and Scissors

1. Begin sticking the coloured tissue paper squares onto the paper plate to make the shell. You may need several layers to show the colours brightly as the tissue paper is so thin. Then leave the shell to dry
2. Cut out the head, feet and tail of the turtle
3. Use blue paint to paint a sea onto the yellow page to make the sea, and you can decorate the beach and see even more if you like using markers and decorations
4. Using glue, stick the feet, head and tail to the underside of the turtle shell, and then stick the whole thing to the yellow page
5. Add googly eyes to the head and finish decorating your shell, and then your turtle is complete!