How to make…Froggy Fun

You Will Need:
2 x Toilet Roll / Kitchen Roll Insert
Frog legs and arms, flies and lily-pads (found on Google images) printed on white card
Flowers and fish (found on Google images) printed on white paper
Blue Card
Googly Eyes
Two short pieces of string (I used elastic string)
Gems/decorations etc.
Markers/colours and Paint
Glue, Scissors and Stapler

1. Staple the toilet/kitchen roll inserts closed at one end and paint them the colour you want your frog to be. Also paint inside the open end as this is the frog’s open mouth. Allow these to dry
2. Cut out the lily-pads, arms, legs and flies and colour/paint them however you want. At this point also add googly eyes to the frog’s body
3. Tape the flies to one end of each string and then tape the other end into the mouths of the frogs. Now that the paint is a bit drier, you can decorate you frog’s body and assemble his/her limbs
4. Stick the lily-pads onto the blue card and then stick the frog onto the lily-pads. Allow the glue to dry
5. Cut out any flowers or fish you want to add to the pond, colour/paint them and then stick them on. Your frogs are now ready!