How to make…Feathered Friends

As made in Celbridge with Chloe and Laura, November 2nd 2019

You Will Need:

Paper plate
Foam sheets or card for the tail feathers
Gems/stickers/feathers for decoration
Paint & a Paintbrush

How to:

1. Paint the back of your plate whatever colour you want you feathered friend to be and place aside to dry.
2. Cut strips, of around 3x20cm in size, from your foam or card sheets.
3. Add decorations to these strips – these could be stickers, feathers or different shapes you’ve cut from foam or card.
4. When your plate is dry you can bend the strips so that the ends can be stapled to the top edge of the plate, leaving a lovely looped tail feather.
5. Now you can give your friend its face and features.