How To Make…Fabulous Flower Baskets

As made in Mullingar with Elle and Grace, Saturday 22nd Feb 2020

You Will Need:
The word “Flower” printed out in a box (found on Google images)
Two Paper Plates
Flower shapes (found on Google images)
Gems/decorations etc.
Markers/colours and Paints
Glue and Scissors and Stapler

How To:
1. Cut one of the paper plates in half, and just use one of the halves. Paint this and the other full paper plate whatever colour you would like your basket to be and allow these to dry.

2. Cut out your flower shapes and colour and decorate them
3. Once the plates are dry, staple the half plate onto the bottom half of the full plate to create the basket. Then stick your flowers in the top half so the look like they are filling the basket.
4. Use green paint to paint stems for the flowers and then decorate the basket however you like
5. Finally, colour in the flowers label, cut it out and stick it to the front of your beautiful basket!