How to Make… Easter Baskets

As made with Chloe and Isabel in Celbridge on Saturday 6th April 2019

You Will Need:
Paper Bowl/Paper plate
Polystyrene Eggs
White card
Paint (Yellow, Orange. Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple)
Yellow Feathers (or any colour you like)
A variety of colouring Pencils, Markers, Crayons


1: Gather your materials and begin to paint the paper bowl in a colour of your choice.
2: Paint a selection of polystyrene eggs and allow them to dry.
3: Cut out a strip of white card for the handle of the basket and decorate it using the colours.
4: Use the stapler to attach the handle to the paper plate.
5: Place the polystyrene eggs into the basket, add some feathers and your Easter basket is finished!