How to make…Dancing Dandelions

As made in Mullingar with Grace, 1st June 2019

You will need:
Three small circles cut from white card
White Card
Cotton Buds
Gems/decorations etc.
Markers/colours, Paint and Paintbrush
Glue and Scissors

How to:
1. Using a sponge and starting at the top of the page, use blue paint to cover the first third of the page
2. Add some white paint to the blue that you are using to lighten it and continue down the page using the sponge, blending the different colours together
3. Do the next segment using yellow and blending it with the blue to make a light green segment, then switch to green paint to cover the bottom of the page
4. Using a paintbrush now. Make strokes of green in the green segment of the page to look like grass, and then draw three green lines for the stalks of the flowers.
5. Colour in the three small white circles and stick them at the top of the stalks
6. Use a cotton bud and white paint to make the dandelion heads. Then decorate however else you want and you are finished!