How To Make…Carol the Crocodile

As Made in Mullingar with Lorraine and Elle, Saturday 18th January 2020

You Will Need:
Lollipop sticks
Pipe cleaners (X2)
White card
Gems/ Decorations etc.
Markers/ Colours
Glue and Scissors

How to:
1. Take a lolly pop stick, using a marker colour both sides of the lollipop stick. This acts as the body.
2. Using two pipe cleaners, wrap round the lollipop stick as shown in the photos below. This makes the “Jumper”.

3. Fold the extra pipe cleaner down to create the legs. Cut of extra pipe cleaner to make the legs even so your crocodile can stand!
4. Create a face using goggly eyes and a black marker.
5. Add final touches with gems and buttons and your Croc is good to go!

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