How to Make…Bouncy Jellyfish

Bouncy Jellyfish as made with Elle in Mullingar.

You will need:
Paper Plates
Long strips of various colours of tissue paper
Elastic string
Gems/ Decorations etc.
Paint, Glue and Scissors

How to:
1. Begin by painting the underside of a paper plate (acts as the top of the jellyfish).
2. Repeat on a separate paper plate (bottom of jellyfish).
3. Pierce two holes in the centre of both paper plates.
4. Place a piece of long string in the two holes of the bottom plate.
5. Thread the same string through the two holes of the top plate.
6. Staple the outside of both plates together (body of jellyfish).
7. Thread the long strips of coloured tissue through the string at the bottom of the jellyfish body (these are the tentacles of the jellyfish).
8. Pull the strings tight so the legs of the jellyfish stay in place.
9. Knot the string at the top of the body of the jellyfish
10. Add your decorations to finish your jellyfish and make it your own!