How to make…An out of this world spaceship

As made in Mullingar with Elle, Saturday 12th October

You will need:
Large paper plate
Small triangles of white card / coloured card
Gems/ Decorations/Feathers etc.
Googly Eyes
Paint and Markers/Colours
Glue and Scissors

How to:
1. First, cut a large paper plate in half (acts as the base of the spaceship)
2. Paint and decorate the base of your spaceship! Add cool designs to give your space alien an extra boost!
3. Cut out a semi-circle for the dome of the spaceship.
4. Draw any creature you want to fly your spacecraft. Googly eyes are an extra feature.
5. Cut out small triangles to act as legs of your spacecraft and decorate.
6. Attach all the parts with some pva glue to create your finished Spacecraft ready to explore the solar system.