How To Make… A Pretty Peacock

As made in Mullingar with Grace, 5th October 2019.

You Will Need:
Large and small Paper Plates
Small triangle of white card
Gems/ Decorations/Feathers etc.
Googly Eyes
Paint and Markers/Colours
Glue and Scissors

How to:
1. First paint and decorate the large plate as the peacock’s tail and allow to dry.
2.With the small paper plate, cut in from one side, directly through the centre of the plate, and then cut around in order to cut out the inner semi-circle. Keep the semi-circle as this will be the peacock’s wing. Then cut a small segment off the end of the outer ring that you have left where the inner semi-circle was removed. This functions as the neck of the peacock with the other half of the plate being the body. (see the picture below to see how to cut the small plate).

3. Paint and decorate the small plate that you have cut to shape, and also paint and decorate the wing which you will then stick onto the bottom half of the small plate so your peacock can fly!
4. Cut out a small triangle of white card and paint it and stick on two googly eyes. This is the head and should then be stuck onto the end of the neck.
5. When both parts are dry, use a stapler to staple the small plate to the bottom of the big plate, creating your finished peacock!!