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In the year of 2021, we are all trying to make better choices when it comes to our spending habits, from where we shop to the products we choose. We are all trying to choose products that are better for our environment but it can be hard as sometimes there aren’t a lot of environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday products. It can be really difficult to find eco-friendly options when it comes to purchasing toys for your child. At The Learning Lab, we are committed to stocking toys that are good for your child, toys that encourage their learning and development. Equally, we want to offer toys that are better for our environment. 

We are committed to offering a diverse range of toys to suit every shopper and we are constantly adding to our collection. Here are some of the amazing environmentally friendly toys that we currently have in our collection for you to choose from;

Scrunch Frisbee

The entire range of Scrunch products are an amazing eco friendly alternative to the traditional hard plastic beach toys. Scrunch is a brand that has designed a range of outdoor toys that are made for easy storage. Instead of rigid and environmentally harmful hard plastic, they are made from silicone, derived from sand, making them foldable, twistable, and scrunchable. 

Shop Scrunch Frisbee here

Green Toys Tractor Orange

The Green Toys Tractor puts a whole new spin on farm-to-table. With chunky, go-anywhere tires and a detachable rear trailer, little farmers can harvest and haul the freshest organic produce their imaginations can grow. Super safe and versatile with no metal axles (no rust) or external coatings (no chipping or peeling), it’s ready for any playtime payload, whether indoors or outside. 

Shop Green Toys Tractor Orange here

ReCycleMe Large: Games 

ReCycleMe is one of a number of brands created by Fun2Give – a Dutch company who believes in a world where children & their parents become more aware of the amount of rubbish they produce, a world where children help to reduce this, by recycling or reusing. The concept of the brand is to provide a complete ‘kit’ for creating art projects at home using everyday household rubbish, like toilet rolls, plastic bottles, tin cans and egg boxes.

Shop ReCycleMe Large: Games here

Melissa and Doug Fire Engine

Let your little one play superheroes and save the day with the Melissa and Doug Fire Engine.  This lovely wooden toy comes with 3 firefighters who can man the hose or maybe go up in the bucket ladder to save a cat? There is also one to drive the truck. There is a retractable ‘hose’ which can be placed through a hole in the fireman’s hand to simulate him holding the end of the hose.

Shop Fire Engine here

Those are just some of the fabulous toys you can shop here at The Learning Lab

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