Top Tips for Studying

Are you sitting exams this year? Are you feeling a little bit lost with studying and how to get started? Well you are in the right place. Here at The Learning Lab, we have put together a list of our top tips for studying. Have a look at what we recommend for making study that bit easier;

1. Clean and organise your study desk

Before you begin any serious study session, take a look at your study space. It might already be super organised and if it is, skip to the next step. However, if your study space is looking a bit messy, then it’s time to clean. Remove all clutter from your space and move anything that might distract you to another room. 

2. Devise a clear study plan

Once your desk is looking nice and tidy, you can begin thinking about making a study plan. Think about what you want to cover and the time frame for when you would like to have your study complete. Organise what you want to study first, maybe you might start with your weakest subject and go from there.

3. Use past exam papers to help you study

So now that you have a clear idea of what you are going to study, think about how you are going to study. You might already be using past exam papers in class but it’s so important that you use them as part of your at home study routine as well. You can even use past marking schemes to self correct and learn from your practice tests. 

4. Take regular and consistent breaks from study

While you might think your sole focus between now and the exams should be cramming in as much study as possible, it’s also important to remember to take breaks. You need time to recover from studying and allow yourself to be distressed. 

5. Incentivise your study routine

Make sure that you are rewarding yourself for good work and as you make progress. It can be something small but it will motivate you to work harder and get work done. 

6. Try not to stress

This goes without saying but try not to stress too much. It is inevitable that there will be some stress that goes hand in hand with exam season but remember to go easy on yourself. You are doing great!

And those are our top tips for studying. Best of luck to all students at second and third level who are sitting exams. If you would like to learn more about our range of products, check out our weekly blog posts. Or, if you would like to get all of your exam essentials to start studying, check out our products!

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