The Best Educational Toys for the New Year

We have an amazing range of educational toys here at The Learning Lab. Educational toys are an amazing resource to add into your kids playtime for the new year. Educational toys help your little one learn important skills whilst also having lots of fun. Have a look at some of our favourite educational toys;

Add & Subtract Abacus

This classic toy gives kids lots of ways to explore numbers, colours, and patterns! Just slide the two double-sided wooden boards into the base, then encourage kids to solve equations by lining up the correct number of beads on the addition and subtraction sides or follow the patterns on the colour-matching sides. This abacus is one colourful, educational powerhouse!

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DIY Space Kaleidoscope by Djeco

Build a kaleidoscope to try out multiple combinations of space themed patterns using the many accessories included. Do it Yourself is a range of fun and creative activities designed to develop patience, creativity and dexterity.

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Essentiel – Learn to tell the time by Janod

This educational toy comes with many accessories to help teach little ones how to tell the time. This lovely, fun toy is ideal for getting to grips with the notion of time or going over the knowledge already garnered in class.

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Flashcards by Orchard Toys

The Orchard Toys flashcards feature a diverse range of topics, including animals, food, objects, clothing, plants and weather. Designed in the much-loved Orchard Toys style, the cards are eye-catching as well as being an extra large size – perfect for little hands!

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Glow Human Skeleton by KidzLabs

Build a full human skeleton set, complete with glow magnets. Learn how the skeleton supports our body. Includes “magic” x-ray films that let you “see through” the human body!

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History Heroes – Artists

Guess the famous ARTIST hero to win the card! A fun quiz card game to educate and entertain all ages. Discover 40 famous artists from history on beautifully illustrated cards Win the cards by guessing the famous artists from the facts on the cards.

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Motorised Zipline Messenger by STEAM Powered Kids

Send and receive messages in a brand new way with this cute messaging device from 4M. Building it stimulates an interest in engineering, and the finished project brightens up any room in the house!

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Really Rotten Experiments by Galt

There are 10 fiendishly rotten experiments in this kit from Horrible Science! Hide a cockroach in soap, mould a fake poop and make your own vile vomit and ghastly green slime!

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Rubbish Cart Robot by Green Science

Construct and motorise a trash bin that can walk across your desk top, floor and wherever you like! Its lid opens and closes while moving. Use it to help keep your home green and clean!

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Snail Robot by KidzRobotix

What a fascinating way to learn about mechanical science and your snail glides smoothly over any flat surface with life-like movement! Follow the detailed instructions to clip together the plastic body as you learn about electricity, motors and mechanical movement! Watch him move along with one of two different stride lengths!

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You can shop all of these amazing toys and so much more here at The Learning Lab. If you want to learn more about our fabulous range of toys, check out our previous blog posts.

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